Volume 4

Music and Musical Instruments, Traditional Religion, Native Laws and Customs

Paul Jenkins, Lecturer in African History, University of Basel

200 pages
182 black & white photographs
35 coloured photographs

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Basel Mission

Paul Jenkins

Stiftung Grasland Kamerun

© Hans Knöpfli, Kriegstetten

Printed and bound in Cameroon by Presbyterian Printing Press, Limbe, S.W. Province


Volume 4 takes up the way that cultural and religious surroundings have an essential, lasting influence on the social situation and the intellectual consciousness of craftsmen and craftswomen – and thus, too, on their products. Also in this publication the author presents himself as a preserver of Cameroonian native laws and traditions, and makes it clear how he links being a missionary with serious efforts to bind christianity and African religious culture together.

Chapter 1

Music and Musical Instruments

Chapter 2

Death Celebrations, Masks, Traditional Religion

Chapter 3

Rituals, Native Laws and Customs

Chapter 4

The Insignia of Notables