Volume 3

Mats, Baskets, Calabashes and other Utensils for Everyday Life

Antoinette Rast-Eicher, Archaeologist, Ennenda/CH

156 pages
244 black & white photographs
30 coloured photographs

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Basel Mission

Paul Jenkins

Stiftung Grasland Kamerun

© Hans Knöpfli, Kriegstetten

Printed and bound in Cameroon by Presbyterian Printing Press, Limbe, S.W. Province


Volume 3 offers a careful documentation of craft processes in the construction of utensils which are in danger of becoming extinct, due to rapid cultural change in Africa. Moreover it is intended as a stimulus and a working aid for many young men and women in the Grasslands of Cameroon, and hopes to motivate them to see that the artistic know-how of their cultures continues to be handed down from one generation to the next.

Chapter 1

Mats and Baskets

Chapter 2

Utensils made of Wood, Clay, Tree-bark and Calabashes

Chapter 3

The Oil Palm as Supplier of Raw Materials

Chapter 4

The Raphia Palm and its Products