Volume 2

Sculpture and Symbolism Woodcarving and The Blacksmith's Art

Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Warnier, Paris

128 pages
209 black & white photographs

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Paul Jenkins

Stiftung Grasland Kamerun

© Hans Knöpfli, Kriegstetten

Printed and bound in Cameroon by Presbyterian Printing Press, Limbe, S.W. Province


Volume 2 impresses us with its careful, detailed technological documentation of the construction processes in woodcarving, originally a religious art. In the chapter on "Symbolism" the author’s rich knowledge of the world-view of the artists and the fabric of their social life stands out.

Chapter 1

The Carvers

Chapter 2

The Symbols on Thrones and Stools

Chapter 3

House- and Doorposts

Chapter 4

Portrait of Master Carver Mbenchu Robert Toh

Chapter 5

The Blacksmith's Art

Chapter 6

Making Charcoal