Volume 1 (2nd Edition)

Drums, Drinking Horns, Brass Casting in the Technique of Lost Wax, Pottery, Weaving with Raphia Fibres

Rev. Aaron Su, Cameroon

108 pages
176 black & white photographs
5 coloured photographs

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The British Museum, London
Occasional Paper No. 107, 1997

Production Editors
Josephine Turquet/Nigel Barley, London

Stiftung Grasland Kamerun

© Hans Knöpfli, Kriegstetten

Printed and bound in Switzerland by Merkur Druck AG, Langenthal


“Volume 1 closes a gap in our knowledge of the arts and crafts of the Grasslands of Cameroon. The author has documented the work involved in the construction of art objects and craft products with unusual care.”

Dr. Peter Valentin, Anthropologist

Chapter 1

Skin-covered Drums and Slit Drums

Chapter 2

Working Buffalo Horns into Drinking Cups for Titleholders

Chapter 3

Brass Casting in the Technique of Lost Wax

Chapter 4

Traditional Pottery

Chapter 5

Weaving of Raphia Fibres